About decals
In 2013, I was suicidal. 

You see, I have always suffered from anxiety, depression, panic, and PTSD. As a child of severe abuse and dysfunction, the feelings of worthlessness I carried influenced my every decision. I left home at 14, never graduated high school, and felt invisible if I wasn't in a relationship...which led to unhealthy ones at best.

But during this particular dark time, I began writing to myself on my mirror with soap. Of everything I have ever done, this small act transformed me and taught me to see my strength. 

My entire life people would tell me to love myself. As if it was an easy switch to flip. But no one ever told me how. No one explained that there is so much power in the language we use with ourselves. 

My life has changed over the years with this self compassion tool. Now I am on a mission to share this powerful lesson with as many people as I possibly can.

It is my hope that you, too, recognize how wonderful and powerful you are. And if you need a little help...go write something nice to yourself on your mirror!!
All my love,
Amber Murray