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See Your Strength

Pride Love Fidget Stickers™

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Fidget Stickers

Create your own Fidget Sticker

See Your Strength® Fidget Stickers™ are:

  • Approx 3"
  • Pack of 8, 32, 64, 256 cute textured Fidget Stickers
  • Helps with anxiety, focus, calming, grounding, and fidgeting
  • Great way to calm down and stay in present moment
  • Textured with an exclusive gentle feeling
  • Rub, Scratch, Pick, Reposition - perfect for sensory seeking
  • High quality reusable adhesive - leaves no reside behind
  • Water resistant - front can be sanitized
  • Perfect for laptops, desks, phones, gaming controllers, binders, and anywhere you need a touch of calm
  • Useful and affordable rewards for school, mental health services, employee mental fitness programs, and mental wellness initiatives
  • Shipping and manufactured, St George, UT

Set of 4 Pride Messages