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Mirror Decals help with:

Self Compassion

For most of us, speaking kindly to ourselves does not come natural. Mirror Decals help teach you. 


Sometimes a simple reminder can change our negative thoughts into a positive.


When everything feels down, it is easy to think it will stay that way. A little spark of love can go a long way.

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OVER 400,000 see their strength!

Kellee Kraft

Arrowhead Elementary School

We put them in every staff bathroom at our school (even the Principal’s private bathroom), and it was a big hit.  Teachers are trying to use different restrooms just so they can read each mirror!
Thanks for helping us spread some joy!

Del Beatty

Dean of Students, DSU


Clinton Prairie High

A sampling of the new mirror decals that we placed today...huge shout out to @HCCCC2014 and @seeyourstrength for supporting CPHS! #PositivelyPrairie #YouMatter #WeBelieveInYouGophers #MakeItCount

Vincent High School


Spreading some positive messages today for our students. Thank you to Amber at @seeyourstrength. So easy to install even the principal can do it. @Shelbyedk12alus

Justin Keate

Principal, Desert Hills High

Laurel Miller

Hayes Middle School

Just wanted to let you know that we received the order today! My principal and I are very excited to get them up in our bathrooms!  Thank you for creating such a positive product. I'll be sure to spread the word!

Jessica Schuler

Pearland ISD

Thank you @seeyourstrength! We are blessed for your generous donation and I know our students will respond to these!

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