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Using the mirror is the most powerful method I’ve found for learning to love yourself and seeing the world as a hopeful and comfortable place.  Our internal language can either propel us positively or negatively.  In the moment we see positive language associated with our physical image, whatever critical/negative thought we may be having is immediately interrupted and replaced with the opportunity to ponder something different.

I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, and intermittent depression my entire life.  As a child of abuse and dysfunction, my self image and worth was non-existent.

Four years ago, I was suicidal. 
I felt worthless and helpless. After obsessing over a loaded gun for 3 days, I found a way to reach out for help.

The next morning I wrote, "Step into your life." with soap on my bathroom mirror...right across my face. This moment defined and transformed me. I continued the practice and wrote hundreds of messages to myself over the last four years. 

When I look around today, I see so many people (even our youth) suffering from the same lack of self love.

I had to do something!

I'm on a mission to encourage everyone to see their strength by using positive personal language on their mirror. Whether you purchase my decals, or simply write with soap as I did, this tool can change your life!



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