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Building a nicer world together

Products to encourage, spread hope, and show love


You can spread love with...

Reusable Stickers

These stickers can be used on just about anything and peeled right off to use again! Surprise someone with a little love in an unexpected place.

Mirror Decals

A little boost of hope and love every time you and those you care about look in the mirror!

Grateful for You Gift

Give your written words of love and support. Set includes three mirror decals, a sheet of reusable stickers, and a little booklet for you to write your gratitude for your loved one.

Giving Back Matters

20% of all profits are used to give mirror decals packages to schools who've recently lost a student to suicide.

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We help with:


Sometimes a simple reminder can change our negative thoughts into a positive.

Self Compassion

For most of us, speaking kindly to ourselves does not come natural. Little reminders help us all. 


When everything feels down, it is easy to think it will stay that way. A little spark of love can go a long way.

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