Our Mirror Decals

*Made from a special material and adhesive for mirrors and smooth surfaces
*Approx 3" x 11"
*Can be cleaned DAILY
*Will not damage mirrors
*Easy to apply and remove
*Add your school logo for $40!!


How Decals Help

Help and hopeAcknowledging our feelings and talking to ourselves with compassion can be one of the hardest skills to learn. See Your Strength mirror decals give you the opportunity to be mindful of the language you are using with yourself, and to CHANGE IT!

How many times have you heard, "Just love yourself."? And yet, no one every shows us how.

Our decals are a tangible and actionable way to learn to love yourself with compassion. By seeing words of love, and reading them every time you see your physical image, you will being to learn how it feels to show up with kindness for yourself.

Plus, they offer messages of hope in exactly the right place for someone who many need a boost!

Our Story

Amber Murray 
Five years ago our founder, Amber Murray, was suicidal. Having been a child of all forms of abuse herself, she knew all too well what it felt like to feel worthless. 

It was in her darkest time that she reached for a bar of soap and wrote, "Step into your life." right across her face in the mirror. 


She continued writing messages on her mirror for years and learned the power of self compassion through changing the language she used with herself daily.

Having worked in schools, she recognized that this valuable skill was not being taught. Thus, the See Your Strength mission and movement began!