From despair to See Your Strength!


Eight years ago, I was suicidal.

As a single mom with four children, two on the autism spectrum, and having suffered extreme childhood abuse by a family member...the unhealed trauma, overwhelming-ness of life circumstances, and feelings of failure became too great to bear.

It was the morning after I had a friend come to remove the bullets from the gun when I picked up a bar of soap and wrote a love note to myself in the mirror.


My entire life, good intentioned people had told me to love myself, but no one could ever tell me how. Through writing messages of hope and encouragement, I began to have a concrete way to show myself love and receive it.

It was a few years later that I began working in schools through a Domestic Violence Org. I quickly recognized that our youth were struggling with so many of my same issues....trauma, anxiety, depression, and not having a clue on what loving oneself meant.

And so in 2016, the See Your Strength mission and movement began... first with Mirror Decals, then Wall/Stall Stickers, and now with our newly added Fidget Stickers!

While I used to make every decal and pack every order and donation alone, I have been fortunate enough to hire my son to help! And after having all production in our home, I am SO SO SO happy to announce that it has been moved to our own little print shop. My kids are my everything and sharing the See Your Strength journey with them has been a blessing.

It is my deepest hope that all of these little messages of love will reach the right person at the right time in the right place and remind them of their worth and light. 

~Amber Murray

 "In the depths of Winter
I finally learned
that within me there lay
an invincible Summer." - Albert Camus