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Our Story

Amber Murray, Mirror Decals, Self love and Improvement

Eight years ago, Amber Murray, was suicidal. It was a long road that had gotten her to that point. Having been a child of physical and sexual abuse, she knew all too well the accompanying feelings of worthlessness and despair. 

In her darkest time she reached for a bar of soap and wrote, "Step into your life" right across her face in the mirror. 


She continued writing messages on her mirror for years and learned the power of self compassion through changing the language she used with herself daily.

Having worked in schools, she recognized that this valuable skill was not being taught. Thus, the See Your Strength mission and movement began, first with Mirror Decals, and now with our newly added Wall/Stall Stickers.

Currently, Amber speaks across the nation (to both youth and adults), sharing her story of resiliency while providing actionable tools and ideas for listeners to incorporate into their own lives. In addition, See Your Strength tools and decals can be found in every state (over 700 schools)!