Assortment Package

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Assortment Package

Assortment Package

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**Need to order with your school's Purchase Order? Add to cart and at checkout choose PURCHASE ORDER.

This package is an ASSORTMENT and contains:

30 Mirror Decals ($150 VALUE) 

6 Wall/Stall Stickers ($150 VALUE) -THESE WILL SHIP AUG 1, 2021.

10 Suicide Prevention Resource Decals ($50 VALUE)

We gladly accept Purchase Orders!

1. Add your items to the cart.

2. Checkout and choose "Invoice Me"

3. You'll receive an invoice, our W9, and we can fill out any other paperwork you need.

4. Your order will ship once we receive back your Purchase Order OR payment. 

If you need assistance or have questions, please call or text Amber at 435-414-1192 :)

20% of all profits are used for our Give Back Program

We donate Mirror Decal packages to schools who've recently lost a student to suicide.

For more into, please visit here.